Tech Specs

Daft as a Brush

ideally requires 10m by 10m area with no overhead obstructions,
but can be squeezed into smaller spaces.

• The show uses amplified voice and music,
Maynard provides his own portable sound system.

• The show lasts between 30-45 minutes depending on your needs.
Two x 45 minute shows per booking, or Three, 30 minutes if you must!

• The show can be performed on a stage but please discuss this when you book with Maynard.

• Please be aware that eggs are flicked about at the end of the show, its messy!
I do attempt to remove most egg yuck at the end of the show.

Cabaret/Stage shows

10mins – 1hour, requires lighting and sound facilities and an operator.
Stage size 5m by 3m minimum.

Man in a Box

three x 30 minute sets, minimum of half hour break between sets.
• although this is a roving performance, it is best placed at busy junction or gathering place within your event. The box doesn’t cover large distances well, so please no parades.

Vehicle access to venue and/or parking space close to the action, were possible parking passes should be issued or reimbursement of the parking fee, please.

Were vehicles are a problem. a safe and reasonable space to change and store costumes and props is essential, running water and a toilet
would be great.